The mass line for the Reconstitution of the CP

The start point is the vanguard, as we have defined it here in the first stage of the Revolution, or stage of Reconstitution. Its first duty -as long as it is what defines itself as vanguard in the first moment- is the one of defend and bear the ideology. In this sense, as we have mentioned, the ideology must be apprehended in all its developments; but it must also be understood that it is not another world conception, but the most advanced world view, for it does not try to "interpret the world" in a new way, but to transform it. The ideological vanguard, then, must keep learning the principles of the ideology -otherwise, it would not make any difference with the most advanced masses of the class, and the vanguard itself would turn into mass-, but it also must keep joining these principles with the target of the revolutionary ideology, must keep translating the ideological principles into a revolutionary Political Line , must know to apply the premises and targets of the revolutionary practice to the practical reality of the Revolution, must know to give response to the particular tasks and practices imposed by the Revolution, must know to find the adequate strategy and tactics to reach those targets, must know to gauge the state of the necessary premises, etc.

The political Line is the "first step for the practice" of the ideology and, in this sense, it is the first big element of the mass line of the politics of the vanguard, because it turns the real conditions in which the masses of the class generally are into a political-revolutionary discourse. If the member of the vanguard, when being trained and educated in the ideology, is trained a a propagandist and, as Lenin said, as a "popular tribune" to defend it, being this the base or embryo of every future politics for the masses (mass line), the Line is the first step forward for the mass line of the politics of the vanguard, for it is the best means through which the vanguard can reach the advanced masses, who can see that, really, the Communism shows the deep roots of the problems which they worry about and gives a solution for them.

But it is not yet enough. The experience of the International Communist Movement shows that to proclaim a fair politics does not suffice; it is required to be understood by the masses. In order to do so, the political Line must be translated into a Program , containing not only the general explanation and solution for the burning problems of the masses, but also the method and way to solve them through the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Socialism.

This presupposes that the vanguard has melt with the masses of the class in such a point, that it has managed to translate their immediate claims into revolutionary claims. At this moment, the revolutionary mass line reaches its maximum development in the Reconstitution; at this moment, the Reconstitution itself culminates.

The form adopted by the Line and the Program is the one of political Thesis; but this is only its form. Its content is the mass line applied and developed by the vanguard as the fundamental unity element with the masses. In fact, the Line and the Program express two different stages in the development of the political mass line. The Line shows the first approach of the ideology to the state of the masses of the class, its diffusion as propaganda, its first contact with the advanced masses. The Program, on the other hand, means the assimilation of the Line by certain sectors of these advanced masses; it means the agitation, through them and within the big masses, directed by the vanguard; that is to say, the daily work, side by side, of the vanguard within the masses in order to finally attract its most advanced sector and translate the revolutionary ideology and politics to the needs of the masses.

The fusion of the vanguard, understood and organized as the ideological vanguard, with the advanced masses of the class, is translated into the CP, i.e. into an organized, revolutionary movement with capacity of influencing the big masses of the class. At this point, it is open the possibility of having the whole or the majority of the masses organized in a revolutionary way and with their Party. It has come the moment of opening a new stage in the Revolution.

The Program means the culmination of the Reconstitution because, with it, the ideology is linked to the masses in the most tight and concrete way, and because, in order to achieve it, the vanguard has had to find a language through which express the immediate claims of the masses; the vanguard has had to create solid links with them and organize these links; the vanguard has had to, in short, create the CP.

The CP, reconstituted this way, exists as a unity between the vanguard and the masses of the class through the CP Program, at the political level, and as a multitude of organisms that serve as the means of transmission of the vanguard towards the masses, at the organizative level. The CP, reconstituted this way, exists as an organization able to address the masses and lead them, and, therefore, as their real vanguard. Then, the CP can undertake the task of taking the whole class towards the Communism, and can face, with safety in its success, the difficulties and obstacles that will hinder this tortuous, but necessary and unavoidable way.